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The Revolution of the Fast Food Industry

The Revolution of the Fast Food Industry

In 2015, corporate fast food chains in America reaped a massive $200 billion in revenue. That’s a pretty astounding figure and shows us that the industry has been able to overcome the social vindication it has faced and make fast food more popular than it’s ever been before! But what are the big changes that have made such a successful turnaround?

Industry standards are constantly improving in every sector, and fast food hasn’t been left behind. Rather, they’ve made us take a closer look and ourselves and in a way contributed to many global health trends we follow today. Instead of kowtowing to social conscience, it has pioneered a wave of new fast food, which is specifically aimed to provide the same convenience in a healthier manner.

Health First

As well as adding well-advertised healthy options to their menus, companies have invested millions in researching healthier cooking methods and ingredients to significantly lower risk to consumers. More options are available for kids meals to. In some restaurants you can opt for water or milk in place of fizzy sodas and fruit instead of fries. This is a godsend for busy families and parents no longer have to feel guilty making convenient nutritional decisions.

Quality Ingredients

The outsourcing of ingredients in fast food chains was a major headliner some years back. But another huge change has been made here too. Meat now contains more meat and many products proudly bare the fair ‘trade logo’. We know more about where our food has come from and what exactly it contains. This benefits both the producer and the customer, and fast food companies are doing better as a result.

Nutritional Information

Menus clearly state nutritional information allowing us to make informed decisions about what we eat. One of the biggest changes has been the market. People who once would never have considered even walking past a fast food establishment now frequent them, and a more varied menu means everyone can eat there together, so families and friendship groups now see these restaurants as a social hub, encouraging business and increasing revenue.

Fast Food, Faster Service

Service is also at its best. Companies have increased budgets for allow for more thorough customer service training and team building exercises. A happy work force encourages repeat custom and a thriving atmosphere, and customers have certainly noticed. Ratings at fast food restaurants have sky rocketed over the past five years. The smiling faces, fast service and fresh, hot food speaks for itself. Hygiene has improved too, a combination of more vigilant, driven staff and more respectful clientele. Most larger chain restaurants carry a 5 star rating for hygiene, another improvement which keeps us flocking in.

It’s pretty astounding the change the fast food industry has made over the past decade. It has gone from greasy pennies to classy dollars and convenient food is now of a standard to match our busy lifestyles. We can only see it improving over the next decade and applaud the intelligence and ingenuity of the companies under its title.



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