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The New Trend in Gas Stations

The New Trend in Gas Stations

The gas station industry has long been joining ranks with fast food companies to tap into the rich overlap in travel customers. Recently, gas stations have decided to try to increase profits by cutting out the middle man and making the food themselves. No longer do they need to find a fast food chain willing to join up with them for one or more locations. The best part is that these gas stations are doing tremendously well.

Why are they doing so well

Places like WaWa and Sheetz are taking over the gas station market, but how have they gotten so successful? How have they bridged the gap of customers being apprehensive of food prepared in a gas station? Travelers love quick, one-stop shops. If they can get good coffee, a meal, gas, and hit a bathroom stop all with one place, they’ll go there every time. Plus, both Sheetz and WaWa offer great deals like membership rewards, discount refills, and much, much more, making your stop all the more worth it. They’re also doing well because they offer a wide variety of products and options. What other fast food place can you get a hot dog, burritos, sandwiches, fancy coffees, or milkshakes, and much more. They even have some groceries and grab-and-go options available.

How do they keep repeat customers

Travelers aren’t these businesses’ only customers. Due to their membership rewards and great deals, they keep customers coming back. They bridge the gap of customers’ apprehension by offering amazing deals like great value meals or free products after so many purchases. This encourages customers to come back and, before you know it, you have a repeat customer. Plus, the companies save money by not having to split profits with a fast food chain. By producing quality products and offering customers great deals on them, the company develops a good relationship with customers and encourages regulars. Sheetz even offers three cents off of gas per gallon for members and membership is free. Talk about good marketing.

The best part

The absolute best part about these companies is they’re actually good businesses to support. They offer free small coffees for drivers, good membership deals, good prices, clean rest stops, and dependable service. Plus, most of them are open twenty-four hours, meaning you never have to worry about going when they’re closed. You’re guaranteed a clean place to fuel up both you and your car and get off the road for a little bit.

This new trend in the gas station industry allows them to offer you more in one stop for less. Why stop at a more expensive gas station with limited hours and a separate fast food chain attached, when you could go to a place with tons more options for products and are open twenty-four hours a day?



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