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Gasoline in CA Affected by Mexico’s Price Hike for Gas

Gasoline in CA Affected by Mexico’s Price Hike for Gas

As Mexico hikes up their gasoline price, Mexican citizens are not the only individuals affected by it. Even in California, the price hike had reached its claws.

As 2017 enters, Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, announces the price hike in their gasoline products. Many people were not happy with the announcement. Different protests have been seen in Mexico’s streets that lasted for a week or more. After the protests, the situation became worse. It has now devolved to vandalism, looting and different cases of violence. Recently, the protesters descended on the dividing border of Mexico and San Diego where they shut the border down. It lasted for several hours wherein the Mexican people about to go home from California were forced to come back to the US and look for other routes.

Since the price hike announcement, various events have happened in Mexico which put them in the headlines, as protesters block the roads, burned tires and ransacked many businesses. Plenty of protesters have been arrested and there have been reports of civilians being killed with all the violence occurring.The effect of the gasoline price hike in Mexico continues as protesters obstructed the traffic in the Transpeninsular Highway and blocked the access to the critical gasoline storage facility in Rosario Beach. This caused for different gas stations in the region to run out of supply.

Even the disruption, authorities reported that the demonstrators have remained peaceful, which is a direct contrast to what is happening in the other regions where violence is heating up. However, because of the access blocked to the gasoline storage, the Californian government is now worried about the shortage of gasoline that they are experiencing. The government pleads with the demonstrators to stop the disruptions they are making as many essential government services, businesses, hospitals in the state are being highly affected by it.

The shortage is starting to become worrisome and the public is starting to be affected. In the governor’s message to the demonstrators, he said that he understand that discomfort that citizens are feeling with the 20% price hike in the gasoline. He also said that he would seek to have the gasoline price in Baja California to adjust to the prices across the San Diego borders. The governor also mentioned that they need to be cautious in affecting any third party. According to reports, about 240 stations in Tijuana ran out of their supply because of the blockage and were forced to close temporarily. Many drivers still continue to pull into the stations where attendants only check the levels of the oil. They still have no gas to offer to the public since January 26.

The blockage to the gasoline storage facility by the demonstrators is they way of demonstrating their anger with the price hike. Although the government of California understands where they are coming from, they believe that what they are doing is no longer right. It is already starting to affect the entire society and that they should understand that the innocent individuals are also being affected in one way or another.



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