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Gas Station Pump Advertising Expands Across the U.S

Gas Station Pump Advertising Expands Across the U.S

All over the country, gas stations are beginning to put up advertisements above their pumps and on the pump nozzles. Almost every person ends up at a gas station at one point or another. When pumping gas, most people just look around and read anything they can for entertainment in those short moments. There is a huge audience for this type of advertising since they all come to the advertisement on their own. It is becoming more widespread as they are extremely effective at reaching their audience.

The way they advertise is by creating an extensive network of gas stations, and convenience stores can reach almost every zip code, state, and market nationwide. With a well-established brand or a brand that is just starting, it is a fantastic option. Marketing is a huge part of a business’s success, and with how often these ads are seen, many places saw an increase in sales or brand recognition. Some gas stations have video boards to play advertisements and other related things for the station. Others have a small board on the gas nozzle for consumers to see as they start pumping gas.

This type of advertising is useful since you can reach your target audience whether you are around a metropolitan downtown area or in rural locations. Engage consumers in undistracted moments as they go through daily routines. It is in a place that’s hard to avoid and is welcomed by customers. Gas pump ads are at eye-level on top of the pump, somewhere that is usually at least viewed several times during the refueling process.

The average person stops at a gas station to refuel five to seven times per month as well as most stop about one to two miles from where they live to refuel or grab a snack- which makes customer profiling a lot easier. Gas pump toppers have resulted in about 116,500 impressions per month per station across 50,000 stations nationwide. Consumers also spend about three to five minutes refueling, which leaves plenty of time for the consumers to digest the message and possibly think about it later.

Los Angeles just launched something called AllOver TV. The new digital gas pump tv provides advertisements, weather reports, and other engaging content on digital screens to inform and entertain gas station customers all over the city. LA is the nation’s number one driving market, which creates the perfect audience for promoting products and services to consumers in a hurry or with just a moment of time as they fill-up their cars.

These advertising methods are spreading everywhere for a good reason. Creating better brand recognition for companies, as well as bringing consumers to the ads rather than chasing them down, makes it an optimal type of marketing. If you haven’t seen them all over cities or towns yet, you will soon. They are already everywhere but expect to see them even in the smallest of towns and in the middle of almost nowhere as well.



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