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The Future of the Fast Food Industry

The Future of the Fast Food Industry

When we think about the influence that technology has had in our day to day lives, it’s not difficult to imagine a future with fully automated restaurants and fast food chains. In fact, automated franchises are becoming more popular worldwide. The fast food industry, where the food excels in being delivered to the consumer even faster to keep up with their lifestyle, has reached a point of development where some franchises have tested fully automated locations.

The Genki Sushi Experience

Consumers at a Genki Sushi location in Hong Kong can now order and eat sushi without speaking to another human being. Instead, consumers use a tablet to order their items from the franchise’s menu and items are delivered by model trains known as shinkansen, or bullet trains, from Japan. These trains are known for their speed. Consumers can then pay using PayWave or Octopus, common payment methods used in Hong Kong.

The Eatsa Experience

Eatsa is a popular fast food chain from New York that recently expanded to include a chain in San Francisco. Their tagline is Better, Faster, Tastier. This chain consists of ordering your food through a tablet. The most popular item is the bowl, which can be customized to your taste. This product then gets promptly delivered to your seating area and you’re out the door. While there is still some human interaction, Eatsa closely follows in the footsteps of Genki Sushi HK.

Both experiences have resulted in an increase of consumer satisfaction. For faster delivery on food, many fast food chains are looking into the option of automated restaurants. It’s very possible that this will be the future of the fast food industry.



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