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Why Fast Food is so Successful

Why Fast Food is so Successful

Fast food establishments are everywhere and earn hundreds of billions in revenue each year. America has even been dubbed “ the fast food nation” for a reason, and each American on average eats about three burgers and four orders of fries a week. Our country isn’t the only one with an affinity for fast food around the world, and for a good reason. Fast food is cheap, convenient, and we can have it in seconds. So why does fast food have so much popularity? It has to do in part with the quick service, convenience and the taste of the food, but also to the marketing strategies they employ.

Taste and speed are the biggest reasons people come to eat at these types of places, they serve food literally over the counter, and almost as soon as someone orders it, it’s there ready for the customer. The modern world is moving faster and faster, and so are the people. A person can go through a drive through easily in moments, order their food as well as have it in their hands, getting back home or to work in less than ten minutes. Going to sit down restaurants lasts a minimum of 30 minutes for even just a fast casual experience and even longer for full-service, not to mention much higher prices at these other types of places.Fast food caters to this and has a significant advantage over other companies because of this super rapid pace.

Everyone knows the gigantic difference between the taste of a salad and a yummy helping of crispy, fluffy fries. Fast food chains see this and capitalize on this taste advantage. The fat they cook their food in makes it food tastier and more attractive to the customer.

A big part of fast food success is the fantastic marketing fast food employs. Have you wondered why fast food chains have branches everywhere? This is part of their marketing strategy. High visibility and global recognition is the ultimate theme of fast food chains. Franchising is free money and also marketing to these companies.

According to a New York Times article, there are almost three new McDonald’s openings every single day. The goal is to have everyone less than four minutes away from one of their branches. There are usually more than one in a city or town for this reason. While McDonald’s embarks on this marketing strategy, the others follow suit. Just as a new McDonald’s opens nearby, a competitor is almost always opening in the same area or vice versa to keep up the competition.

Fast food is here to stay for a reason, and most businesses could take a lesson in marketing from these companies as well. Marketing and brand recognition get the prize in the long run when it comes to customers and making decisions. Knowing exactly what to expect and how long it will take in every location is why even customers from other cities and countries still frequent these places, even on vacations. Fast food is successful for a reason.



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