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Fast Food is Getting Better for you

Fast Food is Getting Better for you

Each month, two hundred million people or more will eat at least one meal at one of the hundred and sixty thousand fast-food establishments in the United States. McDonald’s alone serves twenty-six million people every day in America. Millions and millions of more people eat at other fast food places like Burger King, Subway, In-N-Out Burger, and others. About 70% of these people buy their food for about five dollars in a drive through. So how is fast food changing?

Changes in Fast Food

People are beginning to care about what they put in their bodies and what is in their diet. Following the crowd, most fast food establishments are starting to take shape and accept that healthy options are a must in today’s world. People are also demanding caloric information. People want to know things are made and see almost every ingredient in it. Fast food is posting their dietary information, creating salads with easy to see ingredients, low-calorie dressings, and other options.

Other places are going beyond McDonald’s salads and yogurt parfaits, like Lyfe Kitchen, Chipotle, Smashburger, Five Guys, making fresh food when it is ordered as well as having open kitchens so customers can actually see what is happening. Since 1970, McDonald’s will close more locations in the U.S. than it opens this year. Society is changing, and some fast-food places can’t change quickly enough, like Burger King as well. McDonald’s recently stated that it would not be selling chicken that has been raised with antibiotics that could affect human health, and to not use milk from cows that had been treated with growth hormones. They also started serving all-day breakfast, as requested for many years, in one of its last hopes of making up lost revenue. Can restaurant chains like them, branded as places with cheap and food fast, switch to being healthier and stay profitable?

America’s ability to produce cheap food on a huge scale considered the triumph of American agriculture, has become a gigantic threat to the nation’s health, and we are all realizing it. Sweetgreen serves food you can purchase in about three minutes and eat in five- fast food. Although it consists of salads and fresh soups, it still meets the standards of fast food without the health scare that is fattening burgers and fries. The latter is the kind of fast food that people associate with McDonald’s and what millions of Americans somehow eat at home every single day.

People everywhere are starting to gain a lot more than they used to- seventy-eight million people were medically obese in 2012, twice the amount as forty years ago. In just the United States, calorie consumption, from 2,109 calories a day in 1970 rose to 2,568 calories in 2010, according to the Department of Agriculture. That is a massive increase in a small amount of time.

Fast food places without any healthy options are falling out of America’s grace a little, but overall there are tons of options popping up at these locations. Seasonal fruit at Mcdonald’s and fresh grilled chicken options as well. Places like Chipotle and Sweetgreen make eating out fast and easy with endless healthy options for fast food eaters. Don’t feel too bad when picking out something quick and easy, many of these places are starting to do a lot more for you and your health.



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